Black People Have A Choice!

All People are Unique and So are We but Our Self Interest as Black people and as a Culture are Unique to Us and are Monolithic.

A Story called “Acres of Diamonds”

I want to tell a story called “Acres of Diamonds”. An African wanted to become wealthy having heard of others becoming wealthy by discovering Diamonds. He searched for the Powerful stones only to be Disappointed. In his disappointment and depression He sold his land and his home and began to roam in search of his fortune. Now here is the the possible result of disappointment and depression. Being frustrated he drowned himself in a lake.

Moral of the Story

Before he died he sold his house and land to Killmonger. Shortly after his death killmonger began to find diamonds on that very land. the African who drowned himself did not understand that he was surrounded by diamonds within and without. He could not see Fortune because he lacked the ability to see his own Wealth his Own Power and His Own Worth. He was Mesmerized and Confused by the glitter of what others claim to own consequently he neglected his own Acre of Diamonds.

About Mr. Dennis Kembro’s Presentation

Mr. Dennis Kembro is Masterful in his thorough explanation on the Subject at hand. by the way the subject is the Development of Internal and Monetary Wealth.

Mr. Dennis Kembro is a great tailor of wisdom. He tailors the knowledge to be suitable for its target audience. and the target audience here is Black People. He provides Such Intelligent Answers and Solutions. Black People have particular challenges that are Unique and must be Addressed Distinctly, Directly and Effectively. He explains the 13 Principles of Think and Grow Rich.

Time to Think for Ourselves

Mr. Kembro weaves his lessons through storytelling about the lives of those who have motivated us to think like, George Washington Carver, Ray Charles, Leontyne Price, Carter g Woodson, Madame Cj Walker, Mary Mccloud Bethune, Langston Hughes, Alonzo Herndon and many other who have overcome the obstacles of oppression. This book is a recipe for the soul.  a Surgical Application of Ancient Wisdom. This is a translation of wisdom, this book is in the language of our tribe.

We Need a Scientific Strategy

Information becomes Knowledge when it is directed to solve a particular problem otherwise it’s just useless information and may be misinformation. Remember we not only live in the Age of Information but we live in the age of Misinformation as well. when you have a message to deliver you must know who you are delivering your message to. there is no such thing as message for everyone or business that serves everyone. we must be scientific and specific to get results. We need Particular Knowledge because even though everyone has challenges each Group requires a specific strategy. We do not, should not and cannot all use the same strategy.

Black people need Authentic sources of Information and Knowledge. Dennis Kembro Delivers. Black America requires special understanding of its predicament and stop lumping themselves into the so called melting pot, lest we get burned.

shows the 13 principles of thinking and growing rich

Statistics From the University of Chicago

the University of Chicago stated by year 2000 70% percent of all black men will be unemployed, 70% of all black children will be born in a household without a male and roughly one third of all blacks will be members of a permanent underclass.

In relation to Coved 19, “Almost half the people who have fallen into poverty since June have been Black” By Max Witynski


Racism White Supremacy combined with Capitalism is a toxic mix so be Aware. The economic obstacles are systemic, social, racial and class oriented. Remember when the image of a people is demonized by the media and government that people become dangerously susceptible to violence both from within and without remember rwanda.


Dennis Kembro offers and breaks down Introspection, Vision, Will, Faith, Conviction, Fear and Problem Solving Techniques. This is the re-mix of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. a re-mix for the neighborhood. It’s vital to Think for oneself and to Grow for Oneself. You don’t need a book to think for yourself but books, seminars, mentoring and workshops that are tailored to YOU provide you with a culture in which to Grow. Be apart of this Revolution.These are timeless principals not a fashion these are to be implemented with Passion and Self Will. Be Powerful

Mr. Kembro addresses Our Inner Self, Our Free will and the Power of Our Imagination, This book is a Must Read. Lets save Our Children. Be Powerful

written by Steven Hutchinson Tax Pro visit his website