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This is Steven Hutchinson Manager Owner of Power Taxx Ltd. I am writing this Blog to give you information that will Inform, Educate and sometimes entertain you. I will provide you with Tax Help Present and Back Taxes.

But my focus is to inform you on whats important to You. I will provide you with Tax-Help & Back Taxes.

Do i have to file a tax return?  Should I claim a dependent?  Do i qualify for the Earned income Credit?  Back Taxes? How much is the Child Tax Credit?  Can i claim Education Credit?  should i take the Standard Deduction? Is my Social Security Income Taxable, Is the Stimulus Taxable? Is my Pensoin taxable? when will i get my Tax Refund? Can i Claim my boyfriend? Can i Claim my mother?  I got a letter from IRS What should i do?

Therefore I want YOU to respond so I know Exactly what you want me to address. I personally speak with you so I have a good indication of what will benefit you but i am always learning so teach me so i can teach you.

I will  provide you with Information that will Benefit You Personally, Financially & Factually  …Lets Go…Come to Power Taxx Ltd & Be Powerful

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